Friday, 3 June 2011

Stroll 126 report

The second stroll of the new POSH year saw a select band of POSHers gather at the Brunswick, with Wee Bev and Herr Flick making a rare appearance, but where was GM Morticia?

Hare Grizzly was given chalk duties and the pack was led up Liverpool and Criterion Streets to a second drink at a bustling New Sydney, now joined by a late GM and Hands On, before being led just down the road to Siam Garden.

Meals all seemed to be enjoyed, although Wee Bev caused havok by claiming CC's meal, which resulted in something of a lottery as to which meal you ended up with.

Songwriter Herr Flick supplied a couple of copies of the official POSH ditty, which still got stuffed up.

POSH strollers: Lone Arranger and Grizzly (hares), Morticia (GM), 3D (JM), Bucket, Captain Condom, Cereal Box, Chris Miss, Discount, Fawlty, Hands On, Herr Flick, Pullit, Scrotum, Snack Bar, Wee Bev and Virgin Gary

Next stroll: Friday 1st July 2011, led by Discount and Can't Remember.

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