Saturday, 7 May 2011

Stroll 125 report

The new POSH year started off well with a group of 29 gathering at the Queens Head in North Hobart. 

Under the direction of former JM, Very Tasty, strollers moved down Elizabeth Street for a drink stop at Onba.  Despite the chill of the night, hashers headed to the outdoor area, although most chose to congregate under the few heating elements (particularly those male hashers with little hair on top).

After a couple of tipples, the pack was herded just a few doors up to La Porchetta, where most stuck with the pizza and take home boxes catered for those who over-ordered.

New GM Morticia thanked the hare and all who made the effort to attend, which was then followed by a somewhat faltering rendition of the POSH Hash song to end the night.

POSH strollers: Very Tasty (hare), Morticia (GM), 3D (JM), Buddha, Can't Run, Can't Stop, Captain Condom, Chris Miss, Didn't Do It, Divorced, Grizzly, Hamburglar, Hymen, It's A Miracle!, Jim Beam, Just Once, Lambsy, Lone Arranger, Love Shack, Prick It, Pullit, Scrotum, Short Circuit, Smallgoods, Topdek, Trust Me

Next stroll: Friday 3rd June 2011, led by Lone Arranger and Grizzly

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