Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Stroll 149 report

Interstate 'duties' at Aussie Nash Hash  had occupied quite a few regulars, but a lucky thirteen POSH hashers still braved the autumn chill out in cultural hotspot of Moonah.

After gathering at Cooleys Hotel for a few pre-dinner drinks, the pack followed trail to Valern Bottleshop, where hares Jim Beam and Didn't Do It let it be known that the venue was BYO.  With an esky and ice on hand (or in truck, as was the case), purchases were stowed away before following trail to The Mustard Pot for another tipple.

The chosen dining establishment is Hobart's best kept secret - the Kawasemi Japanese Teahouse in Dickensons Arcade.  There were plenty of 'ooh's and 'aah's as hashers tucked into their meals; three courses for just $30!

POSH hashers raised a glass in memory of Hop Sing, who was a frequent attendee and always looked appropriately dapper.

Strolling from Cooley's HotelJim Beam and Didn't Do It (hares), Dini and Lone Arranger (JMs), 3D, Buddha, Cereal Box, Grizzly, LaLa, Morticia, Neutron Piss, Scrotum and Splashback

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