Monday, 6 February 2012

Stroll 134 report

POSH hare Just Once had spent much of the day trying to sort out the night's venue, but was all business when POSHers arrived at Hadleys Hotel.  With live music and canapes, the evening got off to a good start for the 23 starters.

The POSH pack was herded out at the stroke of 7:30 and followed trail down to the Central for a quick refresh before arriving at Sapa Rose in Harrington Street.

Wisely, the hare opted for the banquet option and thereby saved a long wait while people made up their mind about what to order (not to mention avoiding the usual bun fight over the bill at the end of the night).  The soup seemed to take longer than it should have, but was worth the wait.  This was followed by spring rolls (wrapped at the table in lettuce and Vietnamese mint) and a beef salad.  The three main courses followed quickly and everyone soon had their fill.  To end, banana fritters or coffee/tea.

Amid a cacophony of tinkling glasses, GM Morticia got up and welcomed all, thanked the hare and named third-time POSH Stroller Heather, Just Cum.

Dodi made a surprise inspection visit and as the night drew to a close the POSH Hash song was completely butchered.

Hare Just Once declared that she was never setting another POSH Hash as she had never before gone home sober!

Strolling from Hadleys Hotel: Just Once (hare), Morticia (GM), Aa Soo, Arse About, Bucket, Buddha, Can't Stop, Cereal Box, Didn't Do It, Fawlty, Grizzly, Hop Sing, Jim Beam, Just Cum, Lone Arranger, Luv Shack, Prick It, Pullit, Scrotum, Smallgoods, Snack Bar, TopDek and Trust Me

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