Saturday, 2 April 2011

POSH dress code

POSH HASH, Unorthodox Connoissuers of Eating and Drinking, has established over time and through the work and committment of past comittees and attendees, a fine tradition of providing an environment, slightly removed from the usual Hash event while maintaining the traditional Hash values of laughter, enjoyment of the company of like minded souls and imbibing as one desires.

The thing that sets POSH HASH apart is the fact that it is undertaken in formal dress, MEN IN SUITS AND LADIES IN EVENING WEAR, and not a sign of normal hash attire. The traditional Hash spirit is still there but the atmosphere is... POSH.

A recent and disturbing trend has emerged where hashers are dressing down, more and more caual attire is showing up at POSH and THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, a continuation of this trend will see the demise of POSH as it is and as it is meant to be. If you want to spend time with other Hashers in a casual environment, do so, most of us do already but if you want to come to POSH, please make the effort and treat the evening as it is intended. Much has been said recently about the loss of traditions within the greater hash community, disrespect in the circles, throwing of skols instead of treating them as they are intended and of course many many more.

Don't let POSH disappear because you can't be bothered to make the effort. Dress properly, enjoy the oportunity to impress your fellow hashers or don't come to POSH, do something else instead.

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